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Families divided at Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and as usual I’m enjoying spending quality time with my family over the festive period. But while I do I know that across Europe families remain divided, torn apart by conflict and unable to reunite due to the failings of our asylum systems.

Last week, before re-introducing the Withdrawal Agreement Bill to Parliament, Boris Johnson added a new clause to revoke the ‘Dubs amendment’, which required ministers to negotiate a deal to allow child refugees to reunite with family members already living in the UK. Whilst the government claims it still aims to reunite child refugees with their families, it is not clear how or when it intends to do so.

Meanwhile, in Greece and France, thousands of unaccompanied children are living in appalling conditions, vulnerable to abuse and trafficking. The chance of family reunion through legal means is often what stops children risking dangerous journeys with people traffickers. Now, with family reunion at risk, their chances of seeing their families again are dwindling.

Please take one minute to sign this petition, asking for the government to protect the family reunion system. Change will only happen if enough people demand it.

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