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Good news and bad news

On Monday I learnt the news that the government has decided to reverse its plans to cut funding for refugee services in the UK in the case of a no-deal Brexit - including housing, healthcare, mental health support and help into employment.

The government promised to secure the funding after a campaign led by the amazing Refugee Council ( Nearly 5,000 people signed their letter and over 1,000 people wrote to their local MP. It's inspiring and heartwarming to know that so many people care enough about refugees to take action, when it can at times feel difficult to find humanity with all the conflict around the world.

But most excitingly, this victory shows that public pressure can succeed - by working together we can secure legal change, which is so vital for improving refugees' lives.

On Wednesday I learnt the news that 39 migrants had died trying to reach the UK in a lorry. Not only is this desperately sad, it's also completely preventable, by creating legal, safe ways to claim asylum in the UK.

Boris Johnson reacted to the news by saying he was "appalled by this tragic incident". But it is not surprising that people take such desperate measures to reach the UK when they are unable to claim asylum in the UK without embarking on desperate, illegal journeys. The government is still considering whether to end the family reunion programme after Brexit - we can expect more crossings by lorry or boat if this legal avenue is closed off.

We're on a roll, let's make it clear to the government that we want to protect family reunion. You can sign Safe Passage's petition here:

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