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Leave No One Behind

I’ve learnt a lot the last couple of weeks. I’ve learnt how much I value my freedom of movement. I’ve learnt how fortunate I am to be able to go to the shops to pick up whatever I want, whenever I want. And I’ve learnt how hard it is to be separated from friends and family.

And then I think about refugees in camps, who never had any of these things, which I realise now are privileges.

I’ve learnt how to wash my hands properly. I’ve learnt the importance of disinfecting regularly. I’ve learnt a lot about social distancing.

And then I think about refugees in camps, who can’t do any of these things.

I’m worried about my job and the impacts of the economic downturn. I’m worried about getting sick. Most of all, I’m worried about my family getting sick.

And then I think about refugees in camps, for whom these worries are amplified so many times.

It’s never OK for the most vulnerable members of our society to be kept in overcrowded camps, out of sight and out of mind. But it’s incomprehensible to think that refugees are still living in such conditions in the midst of a global pandemic, when the potential for a humanitarian crisis is so high. Please sign this petition calling for the provision of safe accommodation and medical care for refugees:

Take care and let’s help each other through this.

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1 Comment

Hello Bethany

I am inspired by your initiative.

I have just signed up for a TEFL course with the intention to teach English online.

I would be glad and grateful to help REFUNET.

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