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My mother language - a student's perspective

The language people learn from their mother is called the mother language. It is the language of the heart and soul. Another definition might be as follows: Mother language means a language through which the people of a country or region express their idea, thoughts, feelings, and emotions clearly through the mother tongue.

The mother tongue is crucial that the people think primarily in their mother language. People can express their feelings and emotions through them easily. It is wholly related to their lives and livelihood. So the importance of the mother tongue is tremendous.

The mother language is also tightly coupled with the history of the people speaking that language. All resources about their own history is in their own mother tongue. If somebody break the link between their own language, they possibly loose their identity. Each and every immigrant with a different mother tongue have to learn the language and the culture of the country they migrated to, but without forgetting the identity. Thus, it will make an undeniable contribution to cultural enrichment in their new country.

Mother tongue is a divine gift to us. From the holy Quran, I believe that the most merciful Almighty has bestowed a mother tongue upon each and every caste, creed, and color.

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